Friday, September 19, 2014

9.19.14 - First official demo

Morning Duo
Oil on linen on panel

So I've painted in front of people on several occasions, but this past Wednesday Night I got to do my very first demo actually talking about my process as I was painting - the whole way through!  Luckily there were only about 10 people so that helped it feel a lot more relaxing.   
My good friend Carolyn had encouraged me to do 5 practice runs, but I didn't quite get that many in. 
 What did help a lot was to write down some basic areas to discuss, such as my background, materials, exercises I do to combat my bad habits:) and my approach to this particular subject and why I chose it etc., but to then let it all go and trust that I could draw on what I prepared without following a script.
And even though I picked a subject to paint and did 2 run thru's I ended up going with a different reference photo the day of.  I think that's just me....I like a little challenge and I want to paint something I can respond to in a fresh way!

So this is how far I got by the end....still need to add a sky and fine-tune some high-lights, but I was pretty happy with the result:-)....which was surprising -  as both I and some of the audience was wondering how I was going to get thru it all in an hour and a

The biggest AHA was probably that painting it up-side down, not only helped me focus on shapes - it also created a natural Wooow moments as I turned it back right side up!

Big thank you to Michelle Honles for inviting me to come and demo!!  I really had a great time:-)


  1. What a fine painting! I'm curious why you did it upside down. I'm familiar with "Drawing from the Right Side...". Does it have something to do with painting just what you see, while tuning out the identifier brain? Thanks!

    1. Ed, that's a great way to explain it and you're absolutely right! Turning it upside down helps me to just see shapes and colors, as opposed to objects. I'm less likely to render every inch of it too:)


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