Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 11 - Foxy Friends

Oil on Linen on Panel

It has been a while since I did this - Set up a still-life.    I got this cute fox and his little friend from my husband and the kids for Christmas.  We all seem to like collecting things.  I used to collect owls, but maybe this will be my new thing!  It was interesting to try to capture the reds and pinks together. I put this black high light on the black, not because I necessarily saw it, but because I've seen it work well in other paintings!  I'll have to think about whether it works here?
I also found myself paying attention to what Vadim Zanginian mentioned in his demo the other night - working from cool to warm (and back) - within the same color fields.
Now I have a little catching up to do for the 30 in 30, as my husband and I got to celebrate a belated anniversary in Santa Barbara this weekend.   For those of you with kids, you might be familiar with how rare an occurrence this can be:-)  We consider ourselves really fortunate to have some great friends who made it all possible.   The kids had a blast as we recuperated, relaxed and walked on the beach.
Happy Painting!

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