Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 22 - Piggie Pals

 Carol Marine Workshop - Day 3

Carol's Demo - (of my shoes:-)

I love the way her medium gives her paintings a slight shine!   In her demo she also demonstrated the effect created when you re-mix the color for each stroke.

Today we talked about composition.
Carol emphasized the importance of setting up compositions and to start by playing and then look for something interesting to happen.       Looking at other artists work and drawing it out can help in figuring out what works and what doesn't.  Trust your instinct when you feel that something seems awkward.
There are a lot of rules around compositions that are worth learning (even if you choose to break some:)
Carol mentioned a great book that I want to get:
"The Simple Secret to Better Painting" by Greg Albert
"One way to make your painting dynamic is to have a whole lot of this and a little of that!"

After the demo we got a chance to try the exercise of re-mixing the color for each stroke.  It was a fun challenge and I realized I have a little difficulty with grays.   I also talked to Carol about the importance of taking a look at my composition before I start to see if I can find anything that is going to be awkward down the road.  I found myself using colored papers in the workshop, but not always paying attention to their placement which created spots where a piece of the paper might be lit, but not enough to make it read like a piece of paper...tangential areas if that makes sense?

This is my attempt at the different strokes exercise. 

 Piggie Pals
oil on canvas panel

Painted a little set-up in the afternoon with my Swedish pig ornament and a pig salt shaker I had found at Hallmark a while back.  I had lots of fun simplifying them!


  1. Hi Anette, it is great reading about your workshop experience. Very interesting. Especially love the idea of remixing for each stroke. Love the paintings you created in the workshop, espcially the piggie pals :). I look forward to seeing your new work.


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