Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lakrits Leende - or (The Licorice Smile)

oil on gessoboard

It must be the uptake in Swedish influence this week, but I'm having an easier time thinking of titles in my mother tongue right now...:-)
These "Allsorts" licorice candy are so fun to paint!   Working with these simple shapes, colors and light reminds me a little of the block exercises in Camille Przewodek's workshop, just on a smaller scale.     I really like the candy pieces on the left in the light, so next time I think I'll set up a still life with light as a dominant value, medium secondary and a smidge of the dark value (like Carol Marine puts it) working with these candies.   A small step forward - when I painted this painting I felt that I was actually able to put into practice (or at least keep in mind:) some of what I learned in both Camille and Carol's workshops, but hopefully doing it in my own way and style.   Reassuring, since I sometimes question whether I should take more workshops or just lock myself in my studio and learn on my own.   I think incorporating what we learn from others as we continue to develop could be the best of both worlds...what do you think?

Happy Painting!

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