Thursday, December 31, 2009

The very first sketch! Yeaaah. The one I will come back to, to see my progress:-) Sam is still probably wont be long until he starts crawling...which will add even more challenge to my practice. It was so much fun to draw him today. To think I can be creative in my very own home - marvelous.

New Year - New Goals - making this blog a gift to myself

So...since it is New Years Eve today, it's just the right time to start fresh and get active with this blog of mine. What I'd like to do is to use this blog as a road to accomplish some of my goals for 2010. Perhaps not the easiest task, since I will have to give up being a perfectionist - that is, if I actually want to post anything....and I will have to find time in between (getting Sam up from his nap, helping Ben dig a canal, feeding the dog, making lunch, dealing with contractors, and the list goes on and on...), just simply, life's busyness - and give myself permission to make this gift to myself a priority! At least no one is throwing up of yet. I ready:-) here goes....

My goals for 2010 and this blog:

  1. I want to improve my drawing skills enough so that I can feel comfortable putting together my own pitches and/or write/illustrate my own children's stories. To that end I will use my children, the dog and my husband (if willing:-) to sketch every day, and post at least 365 sketches to this blog.
  2. I also want to take some kind of creative class that will give me an outlet and the opportunity to learn something new.
  3. I aim to participate and/or exhibit at the CTN-X (CTN Animation Expo) in November 2010.
  4. Last and most importantly; I want to create a fundraiser in Manda's memory that will help children with life threatening illnesses, such as cancer, have as much normal fun and play as possible (a better quality of life), which would include supporting the research to cure those illnesses. My goal is to do something in the same vein as the Totoro Forest Project, (I know it's an intimidating thought, but I believe it's important to set your sights high), combining the heroic life of my niece Manda...with my love for art, to do some good.