Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hiking Up

Had a great day yesterday as I went out painting with 2 friends in the Santa Monica Mountains. We all looked to find our scene and I decided to hike up the hill a little further to see if there were any nice views and atmosphere beyond the ridge. The fog was clearing, but luckily there was some haziness left and I chose to paint this scene because I was drawn to the dark shapes of a nice clump of trees, the path through and the distance created by the bluish hills behind. Lots of hikers were out, even a whole class of kids came through the opening and hiked up a path next to those trees. (Didn't end up putting any of them in my painting - yet:) This little original will be available for purchase (ready to frame) through Daily Paintworks, but I will also display it at the Mountains Restoration Trust, 9th Annual Art Exhibit where it will be framed.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Open Road

When I first drove on this back road between Westlake and Newbury Park it was a surprise to find this beautiful valley hidden away with farmland and horses. Never knew it was there. I guess it's the nice thing about roads. You never know where they're going to lead. And on this gray rainy day it looked like I was somewhere quite different than Southern California.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Light edge

Had a great time at Paramount Ranch with the kids when I spotted this tree where the light of the sun was creating some really strong contrasts that I liked. I took some pictures and tried to capture that wonderful light. It's hard to go anywhere without being stopped in my tracks by nature's beauty.

Monday, March 26, 2012

In the Know

BIG DAY TODAY! I'm joining Daily Paintworks Check out my page that will be filling up with work day by day! I will have some of my work available for purchase as well.
First still life I'm attempting is above. I really like the control it affords me in picking exactly what to paint, placing it where I want it and being able to crop it exactly how I want to. I think I made it extra difficult by having my set up by the window where the light inevitably changed and since I didn't have it set up in a box and couldn't find my viewfinder...?.. staying focused on the exact angle was a bit of a challenge:-)
I'm learning more about setting up a shadow box from Carol Marine and James M Coulter. Check out their helpful tips!