Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hiking Up

Had a great day yesterday as I went out painting with 2 friends in the Santa Monica Mountains. We all looked to find our scene and I decided to hike up the hill a little further to see if there were any nice views and atmosphere beyond the ridge. The fog was clearing, but luckily there was some haziness left and I chose to paint this scene because I was drawn to the dark shapes of a nice clump of trees, the path through and the distance created by the bluish hills behind. Lots of hikers were out, even a whole class of kids came through the opening and hiked up a path next to those trees. (Didn't end up putting any of them in my painting - yet:) This little original will be available for purchase (ready to frame) through Daily Paintworks, but I will also display it at the Mountains Restoration Trust, 9th Annual Art Exhibit where it will be framed.

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