Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dancing Blooms

Oil on  Canvasboard

I went to paint at King Gilette's Ranch today with Pam and Barbara, and the last of the blossoms in the pink and white trees were hanging on for dear life as the wind blew off and on around us.

I'm working really hard on integrating the concept that:
 "I'm not just painting what I see, but my impression of what I see" 
and hopefully(:-) it's also an improved version of what is actually there, not just a copy. 
Sound weird? 
  I've spent a lot of time trying to capture the right colors, getting the drawing right etc. as I'm working on improving my technical skills and in doing that it's easy to forget that as an artist I have the artistic license and permission to paint my version of what is there, that's sort of the point I believe.  I can exaggerate what it is that drew me in, by cropping things so that I create a division of space on the canvas that I find interesting, playing up colors so that they sing in combination with other colors or add abstraction by focusing on shapes/patterns and lines .   My painting is my interpretation of life around me and I want to continue creating paintings that simplify and cut to the essence of what I see and the story they tell without spelling everything out..

It's a journey and today was one step further on that road...:-)

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