Friday, June 14, 2013

Camillle Przewodek Workshop - Day 4

For our 4th day we would again be painting en plein air.  This time at Chateau St. Jean's Winery in Sonoma Wine country.
 A beautiful area with rolling hills and on this particular morning, the fog was slowly giving way to a sunny day as I traveled to our painting location.

Here we all are watching Camille tackle "a whole lot of green"!

This is the scene she painted...

and if you look below you'll see her take on it.
I loved seeing all the varieties of green Camille used to make each green area different from another and it made it so much more than the actual view!
This is the first lay-in stage and I especially like the cool turquoise/teal color of the shrubs in the foreground.

I, of course, had to pick a scene that should be considered a little over my head at this stage in the workshop and since I was back to using a brush again...I was having a bit more trouble:-)

Here's my second attempt...
Such an enjoyable day, and after our critique we all gathered for a wonderful bbq at Lisa Skelly's beautiful home.  She is one of Camille's local students and generously offered to cook for us.   One of the greatest benefits of a taking a workshop like this is the camaraderie and the connections you make with other artists as we're all reaching beyond our limits, learning and laughing together.  I really appreciated making some new artist friends this week with Camille.

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