Friday, May 16, 2014

Carmel Dunes

oil on linen on board

I love the work of Terri Ford.  She paints in pastel and her colors and strong contrast of light and dark values really inspire me.   I had some of her Carmel paintings on to help me with this study for a larger painting.

Speaking of learning from other artists,  the other day I read a post on FB from Robin Weiss - Thank you Robin!! - where he mentioned a concept Kevin Macpherson brought up in his keynote address at the PleinAir Convention in April.   At the time I didn't quite understand what "the light should never cross the dark" concept meant, but Robin posted this great link to Liz Wiltzen's blog where she explains it all very well after taking a workshop with Kevin.     Check it out and try the exercise of two values for yourself!   Here is my first attempt.

Mamma 2 values

As you can tell I have a little trouble not adding a little variety in that dark 2nd value :-)
but I totally agree with Liz Wiltzen:
"Once you feel the sweet spot of this approach, you cross into a new world of possibility. You become liberated from the idea that detail is needed to tell a powerful story."

I need to do it again with a marker!!

Happy Creating

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