Monday, February 16, 2015

Used to be Thurman's Place

Used to be Thurman's Place
oil on linen on panel

I'm catching up and posting some paintings that somehow slipped through the cracks.
Life is filled with some wonderful coincidences.   One day this past fall my friend Shannon and I decided to go to Hidden Valley to paint.  It's this jewel of a valley tucked away, from suburbia, with horse stables and old farms - this being one of them...
On this day we precariously parked ourselves on the side of the road to paint the morning light on this barn when I thought I saw the owner in his pajamas on the property, changing something by an electrical box.   I quickly ran over and asked him if he wouldn't mind if we set up to paint inside his fence, and to our delight he said yes!  It was warm and there were a ton of red little bugs crawling around in the very dried out grass, but we were so happy to be a little further from the cars zooming by.
A couple of months later I have my open studio and my sister-in-law is telling us about this property she's looking at in Hidden Valley.   And as she describes the location it's starting to sound very familiar to me.  When I show her the painting and describe Thurman to her, we realize it is indeed the same property she was looking at...?!... The owner she met was always - in his pajamas...

Such a small world:-))))

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