Friday, September 2, 2016

Car Sketching Day 2 of 30 - Before the Dance

Oil on Canvas Panel

I named it "Before the Dance", but it could also have been named "After the Reindeer Sausage" as spotting this bug took place in between those events.  Spent a few hours at this Camping spot by a small lake in Skane, Sweden.  The kids swam, my Dad and I took a gander at some of the vintage car lining up for the evenings meet and before the dance would start I bought some different sausages to try when we got back home.  These campers have really had a resurgence in Sweden as all the people who used to go as kids now have kids of their own.


  1. Great work Annette! I like how you painted something that had connections to family and happy events!

  2. Nice painting. Reminds me of my old car.


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