Monday, August 13, 2012

My workshop with me...

Pepper Toad
Oil on Gessoboard

It proved to be practically impossible for me to leave the kids and hubby for a workshop out of town this week as I had hoped so I figured since I now have my new studio space and the time already carved out with the kids doing "Daddy Camp"for the week - what better time than now to just put myself through my personal little bootcamp - Art with myself!
After watching all of Carol Marine's Artbytes (great little online Art Tutorials that can be found here) I was certainly inspired to approach my painting armed with some new ways of approaching things and I'm going to put a lot of paint on canvas, or gessoboard as it might be, this week.   

I'm not sure this toad likes peppers, but what I learned here was that looking through a viewfinder attached to a tripod really helped me measure and get the placement of the objects down when doing the initial drawing.  Thanks go to Carol!

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