Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year - New Challenge

Wish me luck!!  :-)

I usually get to my studio about 3-4 days a week....but inspired by Leslie Saeta and her challenge
30 painting in 30 days 
I'm joining Leslie and at least 115 other artists (to-date) to give myself the opportunity to paint a painting for each day, or at least 30 in this next month starting on January 2nd, so that might mean several in a day to keep up.   (There's been a few teachers and mentors who have encouraged me to do that very thing and I'm excited about taking part in this adventure).   Leslie gives some great pointers on how to prepare and make it a successful experience here.    Personally, it will take me some planning ahead and having my space and materials ready ahead of time.
As a theme for myself I will be painting
Everything that's been on my list to paint, which means:
At least 5 paintings each of
Cape Cod and urban scenes
and I will plan to paint on location/en plein air at least once or twice a week
plus do some abstract explorations and playing with a palette knife
Check out my pinterest page for what has inspired me lately

As an artist and mother of two boys it seems like an insurmountable scheduling feat, but I think it will be good for me (I like challenges) and I will just have to get organized and find more time - and paint in the evenings as well...
On my to-do list:
go through photos - pick/print the ones I want to do
Order more paint and check that I have enough surface materials
set up dates with other artists for the location painting
prepare canvas boards and do my compositions and drawings ahead of time.

 And anyone who knows me knows that I'm all for finding others to be accountable to and journey with and I'm hoping a few of my fellow artists in our goal group might consider joining as well!

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  1. I am so glad to have found your blog - nice work. Congrats on taking on the 30 day challenge! I really love the name of your blog, being at the easel is very much an escape for me too.


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