Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Alpaca Eyes - Day 1

Oil on Gessoboard
 Day 1 Painting
To Bid

So I might have gotten a head start on my 30 paintings in 30 days by painting today:-) 
This is what I will post tomorrow for the challenge.  It is a painting of one of the Alpacas I saw visiting the Somis Alpaca Farm "Alpacas at Windy Hill" where my sister in-law now owns her own Alpaca.  They are quite interesting animals and I must say that I wasn't that familiar with them before the visit.  Along with the kids I was quite enthralled and took a lot of pictures and something that struck me apart from them being a little skittish around people is how beautiful and intense their eyes are.  
Fur is a struggle and this definitely gave me some more practice.   I'm happy with some of the color and areas where I stayed loose, but that is always a work in progress.  I have trouble not zeroing in on an area and then overworking it...

Hopefully this challenge will force me to move along and leave things alone more.  My intent for my next painting session is to establish 3 values to start, make it read well from afar before adding any detail and all that color I see everywhere...

I look forward to seeing what everyone else paints.  I think we're now up to 222 painters being part of the challenge.  Thank you Leslie for getting me off to a great start, painting more!


  1. This caught my eye on Leslie's blog. I love the eyes and how you handled the fur color. Looking forward to seeing more of what you paint this month!

  2. So adorable and wonderful. I have always wanted to paint an alpaca, and even have friends who raise them.... but you have captured this one so completely. LOVE it.

  3. Thank you so much for your comments Meredith and Susan! They are great subject matters those Alpacas. I look forward to checking out your blogs! Happy Painting!


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