Friday, January 11, 2013

Alpaca Bangs - Day 10

Oil on Gessoboard

Day 10 of
30 Paintings in 30 Days

Here's another Alpaca i finished today.   I'm having fun painting them.   Going a little crazy with the color perhaps:-) but it's all part of the process I think.  

I've been thinking about whether doing this challenge is helping me figure out my own personal "short-cuts" or my general process when it comes to getting the drawing down and what steps I take after that in finishing it.   I wasn't sure I even had a process?   Don't I just madly jump in there....putting the paint down randomly and hoping it works?

After paying attention for a few days I think I can now say that there is a process to what I do and that is a valuable piece of knowledge!   For there are many opportunities, whether we teach or demo our techniques where we need to put words to what we do.  

Happy Painting!


  1. I love this! Great light and color as usual and he has so much personality.

  2. Love your llama! And your other paintings, too! Great style.

  3. I love the crazy color you are using! Don't stop! The fur on this guy is incredible!
    I know what you mean about starting to understand your own process. I'm still discovering that about myself. Having to get a painting done every day really helps you to figure this out.

  4. Beautiful! I love the color - full of life!

  5. Colors are fabulous and painting is gorgeous. Love your style.


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