Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Classic Shine - Day 15

Oil on Linen on Panel

Day 15 of

I'm glad Leslie was mentioning giving ourselves a break with this challenge today.    It's so much  more important to have fun than following the specific theme and/or restrictions we set for ourselves    All in all what I come back to on the artistic journey is the importance of listening within.   I do that now when it comes to subject matter.   I want to paint what I'm drawn to and what makes my little artistic soul sing.   It brings out the best in me and it keeps me inspired and growing.   What I was drawn to in the photo this is painted from was the colors of the car, trying to capture the light and the shine of it, the high horizon line and the light going down behind it all.
What inspires you to paint the most?


  1. Your blog is great! I like your written word almost as much as your art. This morning this phrase really means much to me, "...the importance of listening within."

    Questions also work well to activate my sloggy brains.

    Finally, Thank you, Annette, for your comment on my painting. That wa a great way for me to begin my day!


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