Thursday, January 31, 2013

Morning Shadows - Day 30!!!!!

Oil on Linen on Panel
Painted on location at Paramount Ranch

Day 30 of
Taking stock of this challenge and what it has done for me
I feel that the biggest thing painting
                                                30 paintings in 30 days has given me is:

To build my confidence!

Several times I've been told that..."to get better, all you need is to just paint everyday"...And now I see, now I feel that I know from experience why they say that:)

It's a numbers game!
Not every painting is a winner and having to move on, (because I have another painting to paint
tomorrow), means:

I'm working faster.
I don't have the luxury of time to second guess my every move and get stuck on details as much.
I've had to leave good enough alone and move on.
I've put down a few more strokes and then left them alone.
I've been more willing to wipe things off, not as attached to every piece.
I've given up on "getting it right" and have followed my instincts more.
I've listened within and have gotten more in touch with what I like and what I'm drawn to paint.
I've found a few of my own personal shortcuts that work for me to get the drawing right and figure out angles etc.  (turning my reference and my painting up-side down is one of my favorites)

Simply said, if one out of 5 is a winner....I'm more likely to have 5 winners after 30, than 5 winners after 5, and hopefully improve that much faster:)

I just realized that in 2012 I had 34 blogposts the whole year and now I will have nearly as many (30) tomorrow, after only 1 month in 2013 woooohoooo!

I want to thank Leslie for getting me and all the other artists jump-started in this way.
I'm ready to tackle bigger paintings and new ideas with momentum.
I've connected with some great artists that I didn't know before, even one painting as close as 50 feet away from me!!
I now proudly have 14 followers as opposed to 3 before (little by little:)
I've gotten great feedback - and comments, - wow what's that?!!
I've even been told that I've inspired some other artists to paint more.



  1. I love the shadows in this! Sounds like this was a good experience for you. Maybe I'll give it a go next time, but this wasn't a good time for me to commit to it. BTW, I'm following your RSS feed on Google Reader since my blog isn't on blogspot. :) That means you have at least 15.

  2. Thank you so much Melisa! Sounds like you've had a pretty difficult January being sick and you still painted a lot!! I love your portraits and the great title for your blog. I look forward to keeping up with your painting and hope you're all better now!


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