Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lookout Crew - Day 26

Oil on Gessoboard

Day 26 of

Painted this little sketch of goats this afternoon.  I was drawn to the way they were standing, touching and twisting, and how the shadow was falling, creating a nice abstract shape.   The left goat fell into place, but I struggled a little more with the black one.  It helped turning my reference photo upside down.  It's a bit of a weird angle looking down on them and my brain was telling me that "oh no, the feet couldn't go this way"   It seems to help to detach from what we know sometimes, especially painting perspective and angles.  Measuring and looking thru a mirror helps .
It feels nice to be caught up.  
A big thank you to all of you that have stopped by my blog, who've made thoughtful and encouraging comments and signed up to follow me during this challenge with Leslie Saeta!!  It's been a great way to connect.   Hearing the feedback has been invaluable; checking out everyone's work has been inspiring and being part of a community of artists who love painting just like me is just great and I hope these connections will go on as we continue on our journey making art!

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