Thursday, May 23, 2013

Camille Przewodek Workshop - day 2

 On day two we graduated to painting some round objects!   Woo hoo!

The weather was still pretty cloudy and go from gray to sunny and back so our solution was to keep two paintings going and switch from one to the other as circumstances in light changed.   It was still a bit mind boggling for me to wrap my mind around the fact that a blue block in light would go towards "mauvy pink", but I was learning to go more extreme to start off just to describe the effect of the sun hitting the objects and then bring it back to the local color later.

These are the exercises done in the morning:
Grey Day version

I had a hard time with that yellow bucket?!...was the side facing me warmer or cooler?...looking at it now it would seem warmer would have been a better choice...for the asphalt behind as well!  I do like the colors on the white block though.

Sunny Day version

In the afternoon we did some more complex studies of rounded objects and blocks.  Here are mine again.

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