Sunday, April 6, 2014

Arriving in Monterey - Plein Air Convention 2014

Sunday April 6th

So I'm now in my hotel room at the Portola Hotel determined to go to bed early so I can get up and paint at the break of dawn!    Can't figure out how to access my photos on my Ipad even after down-loading the app needed...argh!
So if you want, check out my FB page to see photos and I'll update when I get back home!      The drive up was really nice!   I listened to AHA shows, of course:) which kept me inspired and enthused!   I am now looking forward to seeing Debra Joy Groesser, who is the president of the American Impressionist Society and was a joy to learn more about on the show.   Don Demers, in his interview put into words so beautifully how sailing is an activity of sensory fulfillment and mindfulness, which is the way I feel about art.   I'm in the mood for a week of art immersion!!

Speaking of sensory fulfillment, I drove the 101 up, which I didn't think would be too distracting, but with all the green vistas dappled with yellow and orange blooms and then this wonderful haze of the distant mountains after King City I couldn't help, but snap a few pictures... It's difficult to be an artist:) especially driving, when there's so much beauty to be painted.

There are almost 700 artists registered I was told.   Got my goodie bag and turned in my painting for the display.   Didn't paint this evening, but scouted a few locations and saw a few painters.  Coming here on my own I know it's going to take a little more effort to reach out, but doing so I feel better already!   So far I've seen Lori Putnam, Michele Burne and Richard Lindenberg, but of course they don't really know me:). Must be so weird to be in that category, where people know who you are and might know a lot about you and your work, but you don't know them:)

Good Night!

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