Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Farm Cart

Oil on linen on panel
can be purchased through this gallery

For this painting I left the background really simple to be able to push the atmospheric effect and to concentrate on what was in light versus shadow.

John's Blog
Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is OPA Judging Rigged?

 An Inside Look at the Oil Painters of America Selection Process

where John describes what the Judges for OPA (OilPaintersofAmerica) look for in judging artwork.
I found it really interesting in looking at my own work and as a check-list of sorts:

OPA – Scoring system according to John Pototchnik

"5 judges started with 924 entries that were graded using the scoring system. grading the top 190 the same way to arrive at those with the highest accumulative score that were selected for the show.

Paintings were graded on a scale from one to seven.
Paintings were evaluated based on design and execution.

The best works had:

· One dominant value,

· A dominant color harmony,

· A clear center of interest,

· Balance,

· Accurate drawing,

· Convincing value relationships,

· Consistent and believable color temperature relationships,

· Appropriate variety of hard and soft edges, and

· Varied and interesting paint application.

Get all those elements right and you ended up with a the top 1-3 percent of entries."

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