Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aaaah.... already getting behind

The cartoony version of Ben captured his excitement about Spongebob much better than my first version.
Poor Sam doesn't like when he's stuck like this...had to pick him up and then interpret from memory.
Great characters out of Christopher Hart's book #2.
Great characters out of Christopher Hart's book #1.
This exercise of drawing the outline of a figure without looking at the paper or lifting the pencil used to make me want to crawl out of my skin....doing much better with that now...and I like the feet actually.
Jon watching TV. I don't think the paper was long enough....

Day 5 and I'm already behind?!?... It's a little funny that I'm under such pressure posting things, since I haven't really told anyone to look at my blog and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one reading it so far...but - I'm a pretty harsh critic myself, so, I'm afraid...very afraid...:-)
Seriously, since it's so new to me...(the whole character design thing) I have to admit I don't really like having a learning curve and posting less than stellar work...but that's the price for seeing growth some day...and after feeling a bit intimidated and in a rut with life drawing it was quite freeing to look at how to draw the kids, not realistically but as cartoon characters. Love the book "Cartoon Cool" How to draw New Retro-Style Characters by Christopher Hart. It is helping me simplify and exaggerate features and have some fun with it. Demystifying the language of cartooning so to speak. I think I've also found a class around the corner and I'm wanting to figure out other pens to use beyond graphite pencils.

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