Friday, January 1, 2010

The Family that draws together draws closer.

Ben got his own new sketchbook today and Jon introduced the drawing game to us. The robot is Jon's and one of the things I hope to improve in as well...drawing characters.
We looked at animal drawings in Ed Emberly's "Drawing Book of animals", a book my husband learned to draw from as a child...It was fun to add my own spin to it and give the crab something to do.
Achieved some likeness of Ben...but there's something about the proportions that doesn't seem quite right...Ben helped me out with the stripes on his shirt though.
Some ear studies and my first attempt at Theo, the dog. I really do have great moving material.
Sam likes to fly on the floor. I look forward to working on different drawing assignments for myself. So far this is more of capturing his proportions and pose. Someday I'll be fast enough to get his face too.

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