Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sketching over the last week, or so: Jan 06-Jan 13, 2010

011310 - Second attempt at capturing the idea of multi-task dad, adding a second son..the one on the right works better, pulling dad along. Now I think I need a light table or doing it on the computer to keep improving on sketches, keeping what I like and changing what I don't.
011210 - Working on a sketch for Jon on the multi-task dad. First attempt - I like the feeling of baby on the right.
011110 - I'm a little tired and distracted these days
010810 - This is a first sketch of a visual representation I had of Manda and one of the games she enjoyed a lot with all of us, connecting pointing fingers. Something I want to develop more.
010710 - Working on capturing Sam and Theo, more than me.
010610 - This is a very common sight in our house. Ben looking like he's squeezing poor Theo, because his expression is so intense (didn't capture that expression in my sketch though:)
010610 - Practicing turning Ben into a cartoon (Theo's legs need some work?!), and some action poses from my Cartoon Retro Drawing "Cartoon Cool" book. Check out Chris Hart's site: for more great books of his.

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