Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Brush with The Mouse

Oil on Gessoboard

I've been painting a few more still life paintings than usual after being back from Carol Marine's workshop.   PS.  One of the best, if not the best workshop I've ever taken.   Click here if you want to learn more about her next workshops

It's great to be painting from life.   The big difference from plein air is that cropping and getting the measurements right is not as easy.  As I'm squinting through my home made viewfinder, to get my drawing on the canvas, I have to keep one eye closed to see it in the same way each time I look through it.  I probably need to find a better way to hold the viewfinder, so as to keep it in the same spot each time I look too?  Maybe if I attach it by a wire to a hat on my head?...Ideas anyone?


  1. This is so cool - love the reflections

  2. Thank you so much Suzy! It's fun to add some reflections some times :-)


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