Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 24 - Last day of Carol Marine's Workshop

Carol Marine Workshop Day 5

For our last day of Carol's workshop I knew I probably wouldn't be painting, as I had to leave a little earlier for my flight. 

Still, I was looking forward to the daily structure of watching Carol paint her demo in her deliberate, thoughtful and methodical way.    There is just something so calming about watching Carol paint!   And what a fabulous egg!   I'm now saving our expired eggs, hoping they won't smell by the time I get into practicing some egg paintings:-)

 Carol told us that for painting eggs she doesn't actually paint islands to oceans, but paints both at the same time and she loves looking for lost edges where the edges blends into the background.   The thing to remember is to paint the egg-yoke and everything else dark enough that the highlights will sing.   The cute fabric that the bowl was set on is one that Carol painted herself.  It's so organic and varied, which is really difficult to find in a store-bought piece of fabric so doing it yourself is a great way to get exactly what you want.  One company where you can go to create your own is Spoonflower.

Here's the great group of painters participating in Carol's workshop this week:

After the demo Carol gave us all the in's and out's of photographing your art and preparing your photos for the web.  We also got the scoop on the art of blogging, how to ship your work after it sells, building a following and maintaining a newsletter.   So much valuable information much to do:-)

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