Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mighty Winds

Oil on Canvas panel
On Location at El Matador

The winds kept growing stronger.  I was freezing and had to work fast, but even with the sun barely making itself known it was still a great experience.  El Matador rarely disappoints.  It's one of the more unusual beaches in Southern California and even on an evening like this there were still several photographers, a bride and a groom plus a handful of models that had all made their way down the steep stairs.   Carolyn Counnas braved the elements with me and we painted away.     
I can always find something to improve in my paintings, (which can be a problem since it can cause me to work on something too long:).  With this painting I felt happy about the fact that I was able to simplify, change the colors I saw slightly to make things read better and all in all design it so that the painting was a better version of what I saw.   Not perfect, just my vision and interpretation of the experience being there.   It's interesting, for me giving up on making it perfect has brought me more confidence in the way I paint.

What has helped you move to a new level in your painting?
(if you paint that is:)

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