Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Bulbs

oil on gessoboard
To Bid

I've seen some great paintings of light bulbs that I absolutely love, so I thought I would attempt painting some myself.   It' was quite a challenge - lots of measuring and squinting.   

Since we recently moved and we had to get a lot of new lights - and bulbs, I've been a lot more conscious of all the different light bulbs that are available.   The type of light, the shapes, the's quite confusing actually...

And then for studio lighting it seems like a few years ago the only bulbs you could get to mimic outdoor natural light were the day light bulbs.   Today there are all the LED lights, soft, white, cool...but then a lot of them don't seem very strong at all....Can you tell I'm still trying to figure it out?   

To light this still life I used a small light I found at IKEA called Jansjo, that clips on and has a bendable neck.  It works great for getting those strong cast shadows.   Painting the LED light was also quite a challenge, trying to capture the somewhat violet part of the light in the shadow side and the pinkish color in the light that also seemed to have a light yellow highlight at the same time, not to mention the shape?!  I might have to give it another shot with a different set-up.  I like the green transparent bulb the best.  

Here's to spring!'s coming fast.

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