Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 5 of 30 - "Finding My Strength"

Preliminary study - Finding My Strength
Oil on gessoed board
My friend Daggi Wallace and I went to hear a talk and see a slideshow with Catherine Kehoe yesterday and it got me really excited to get into the studio today.   Her work has been on my radar for a while and I love the way she simplifies and relates shapes from observation of the fragmented nature of the visible.   In her ongoing exploration and observation of the  world, she has created a very distinct personal style and visual language all her own. 
Catherine Kehoe
What I took to heart from her talk is the importance of following our own preferences...It seems like it's something I'm reminded of over and over.  That, as an artist I need to focus on pursuing what I'm obsessed with.   I can be inspired by others work, but my journey will be unique to me.  There's no one "right way to Paint" - what a concept..?...;)

So even though I've heard it before, I guess I needed to hear it again.  And feel validated in the pursuit of going forward with "my own thing.  Trusting that I will get to where I want -  even when I sort of wish I painted like anyone but me:))).

Catherine shared some great quotes...and I apologize for not having all the sources!

...Eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary can speak.
Art is the organization of shapes.
The secret to being a bore is to tell everything (Voltaire)

Question to ask:
How much can I leave out?

Check out her great website:


  1. Oh hi, Annette, I wondered if you were 30 in 30ing, and here you are! I think your study is fantastic. I enjoyed your blog post, too! I would think many artists would be happy to be able to paint as well as you do, so how funny to read what you wrote. Enjoy the challenge!

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    2. Great to know you are doing it as well Meredith! I relate to the not eating:). And I love the name of your blog - paint like nobody's watching! Such a great thing to keep in mind:)))

  2. I love the highlights on the kids in your painting. Beautiful! and thanks for the quotes. It has given me a lot of thoughts about art. "Eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary can speak." "The secret to being a bore is to tell everything......" so true.......

    1. Thank you Jiyoung! I like adding quotes I hear on my blog so I can go back and be reminded of them myself:)))

  3. So sweet, your work is so wonderful. That is great reminder for all of us... I will try to think about that today as I work :)

    1. Great reminders to all of us to embrace where we are! Thank you Sheila!!


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