Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 6 of 30 - With Lambie...

With Lambie
oil on gessoboard

Happy about some of the simplification and the composition of this one.  Leaving a few more things to the viewer to read:-)  Not sure whether to leave the face the way it is..or work on defining it more?..

Had a pleasure of watching Wyllis Heaton do a great Demo this evening.  Thank you Wyllis!!

 Lots of great little nuggets of truth about painting and helpful tidbits.
Among them:

When it comes to the drawing - if you can map the corner points, the inside can be a mess.
Paint, then draw, then paint again...
A little wavy leaves more for the viewer to interpret...you get more empathy when it's loose.
Use big brushes - and twist the brush so that it's not all the same and mechanical looking.

What was really neat to see, is that he also starts his work with Delicate...or Fragile colors just like Carol Marine.   Do the brightest colors while your palette and brushes are still clean.  Makes a lot sense doesn't it?

Here's the finished piece:


  1. I like the little girl stance and your beautiful reds!

    1. Thank you Martine!! I definitely was drawn to her colors and and how it was reflected in the surroundings:-)

  2. Do love leaving the interpretation to the viewer and what a sweet little girl.
    Those are great tips. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Susan!! It's an ongoing challenge to isn't it:-)

  3. Leave it. She is sweetness personified. She is every little girl... wonderful work!


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