Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Peekachoo for Two" Study - Easing into the 30 in 30

Peekachoo for Two - Easing in to the 30 in 30
Oil on Canvasboard

December got sort of swallowed up by Holiday, End of school activities and travel preparations, so with Leslie Saeta's "30 Paintings in 30 Days" Challenge I'm now easing my way back into my normal painting routine!
Any time I'm away from painting it's easy for me to loose confidence and question what I'm doing?:-) so painting small and quick studies helps me get excited about new ideas and get back in the groove.

After William Wray's workshop in November, see this earlier post, I've been really yearning for more simplification in my work.   Because of the subject matter I pick, I might not always be able to do a value sketch as simple as the ones we did in his class, (Three values narrowing it down to almost 3 shapes).   But focusing on just a few values, as in this preliminary study for a larger piece is so helpful!  

The challenge with this piece will be how to create interesting variety using 4 main "figures".   The number 3 is always a more dynamic number than 4 and I want to avoid having it get too stagnant looking, so placement and colors might help in avoiding that.   We'll see...


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