Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Camille Przewodek Workshop - day 3

On day 3 we would move on from our block studies and meet in a part of Petaluma with clusters of historical houses in varying stages of disrepair and re-modeling.   Here we would transfer what we learned about how light affects a cube-shape to the slightly more complicated house shape, still using the same principals.    With all the character of these buildings juxtaposed with a ton of blooms there was a vast array of subject matter to tackle.  
Camille started out with a demo of this building below, and even though this was a very gray and dreary day, she transformed the scene and helped me see the absolutely beautiful color of this kind of weather - it was very inspiring!  

 Here is Camille's first lay-in of color
Efficiently working on covering the canvas comparing one color to the one next to it.

And then it was our turn:
I had managed to develop some sort of cold... most likely catching something on the plane after not shutting the vent, so I was feeling pretty miserable in the morning and had a really hard time getting started.   I decided to give myself a break and go easy in the task of finding the perfect subject....is there ever such a thing so I spent the morning walking around?

After lunch, nursing a warm drink and some decongestant I was somewhat ready to paint:-)

We were again using just a palette knife, which turns out to be a great way to limit the amount of noodling and detail you can get into.  Camille made an excellent point by stating that: (I'm loosely paraphrasing) You can't stop noodling and doing detail until you have something to replace it with.
Very true indeed and focusing on colors and using a palette knife definitely helps in that process.

This was painted as the sun was starting to come out and I'm happy with the fact that I was using color in a much bolder way than I usually would to describe the sun's effect.


  1. This is excellent! It clearly and accurately portrays the "feel" and look of nature's light key. Well done.

  2. This is excellent! It clearly portrays nature's light key and "feel".


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