Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 3 - Market Values

Oil on Linen on Panel
Value Study

Did a little better today.   It's interesting how much more work I create for myself when I don't measure and draw things correctly from the start.  That's what I learned in yesterday's exercise.  Today I'm continuing my study on values.   I picked Ivory black, Titanium white, and then randomly added Cad Orange ...there might be a better color to add, since I seems to have a hard time sticking to just the black and white...Ideas of 3 colors anyone?
 I actually changed things around and edited way more in this one than I usually do when I use a photo as reference....taking new liberties in the new year...wohoo!  It's also part of being more disciplined and doing thumbnails ahead of painting;)

 Here's the reference photo to show my editing:-)

Check out all the other artists taking part in Leslie Saeta's challenge this time around here.


  1. I like the contrast the orange adds--in fact, this caught my eye on Leslie's blog. Enjoy the challenge!

  2. Your random selection of Cad Orange is beautiful. Loved scrolling further down and finding out about Carl Larsson.

  3. Thank you Meredith and Carroll!! The orange does stand out that's for sure:-) Glad you found out more about Carl Larsson Carroll! I love discovering new artists!

  4. I love your color choice and I too was taken by this when posting to 30 on 30. Happy to have found you.

  5. This is terrific! Wonderful color. A favorite recent color combo of mine is mustard, avocado, chocolate. (Maybe with a spot of cinnamon).


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