Thursday, September 19, 2013

30 in 30 - Day 19 - A Kid's Dream

oil on linen on panel

I'm excited about this one .  I did the under painting in blue quite a while ago and did some of the simple shapes of the tables in shadow and it's just been hanging around since then.  Lots of shadows, and tables and chairs at Kidspace in Pasadena - Every kid's dream of a great day, playing in water, seeing insects and other animals, and over all just exploring, but it could be a little intimidating with all those legs and metal.   What was so fun about this painting was how just adding a few of the other values, the bright sun hitting the ground and some light spots on the girl and her dress and leaving everything else sort of unfinished really worked.  It was sort of like building up, or carving things out...I really liked the process.   Maybe a way I should approach more paintings...?

Somehow got the dates mixed up when I added to Leslie's Challenge...this will go in for day ahead of myself...

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