Tuesday, September 3, 2013

30 in 30 - Day 3

Open for Blooms
oil on gessoboard
palette knife study

The verdict is out on this one?   Working with the palette knife today to see if that would help in simplifying the shapes and abstract it.  I like some areas of it so now I need to just continue on this road and see where it takes me.  Sometimes the steps on the journey aren't exactly easy and comfortable so I'm hoping that means I'm growing:)...and the painting might not be quite finished...

On another note, I got to see a great demo with Sharon Weaver at the Westlake Village Art Guild this evening!  Thank you Sharon!   A wonderfully composed water scape with beautiful reflections.   She also used a nifty little rubber sculpture tool to erase with, which I've never tried, and a Palette Knife to lay in her big color shapes.   "It keeps the colors more alive and you can cover an area faster".   I really enjoyed seeing how she used the palette knife to create some horizontal water surface lines.   Always learning something new.

Happy Painting!

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