Monday, September 9, 2013

30 in 30 - Day 9 "Butt, Mom..."

oil on Gessoboard

I decided to paint another little one.  This one waiting patiently for mom, who's engrossed in art and/or conversation at an exhibit at King Gilette's Ranch earlier this year.   The girl was all in shadow and you'd think that I'd want the subject lit up, but in this case it made for a nice effect having clearly stand out from the background.   After listening to AHA - Artists Helping Artists with hosts Leslie Saeta and ...  Ken Auster last Thursday and their conversation on titles...I'm paying a little more attention to not spelling it out as much...Had a lot of fun with my husband thinking of titles for this one.  I didn't go for "Mom Jeans".  I might need to add some pockets though...

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