Sunday, September 1, 2013

30 in 30 - Simplifying and abstracting - Day 1

What Ball?...
Oil on Gessoboard

During this 30 in 30 challenge I want to explore simplifying and finding different ways to abstract my work a little more.  Either through color, pushing the composition and/or flattening things out.  It doesn't come easy to me, but I really look forward to experimenting a bit. 


  1. Anette,
    Love the story your painting tells!
    Happy Painting!

  2. nice Anette, I love the colors & the expression on the dog's face...

  3. Thank you Susan and Jacklyn! I like telling a story, so it's nice that that was clear and the dog who is ours, has this priceless smile that seems almost human at times:)

  4. Your design in this is very strong so you are off to a good start with your goal.Love his expression - wonderful.


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