Saturday, September 14, 2013

30 in 30 - Day 13 - One More Stay

oil on linen on panel

Today I met with several artists from Allied Artists to paint at Topanga State Beach.   I have wanted to paint the Old Topanga Ranch Motel across the PCH there for a while so I was excited to get to this paint-out.   You can read an article here about the motel and when it closed.  It's another one of those iconic landmarks from years gone by and I was drawn to paint the sun hitting the buildings and of course the orange/red and green roofs.   Had some success keeping it painterly, but I probably could have kept it more usual:) 

The way it goes with plein air painting...I ended up having to leave in a rush...I had made the mistake of spraying sun-screen in my face before I got started.   I thought I was being very responsible, but as the bottle says... you're not supposed to spray it directly in your face?   When I realized that my burning and runny eyes were not due to a nearby fire...(I had seen some firetruck whizzing by and then smoke, well actually the fog rolled in)  I decided to pack it up.

My eyes finally got better after splashing water in them repeatedly...but I wont do that again.

Happy Painting!

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