Friday, September 6, 2013

30 in 30 - Day 5 "Shamu Waiting"

oil on Gessoboard

This is a girl I saw at sea world last year.  Looked like she could have been part of a school field-trip - or she just happened to be wearing a back-pack.  I enjoyed painting her, the colors of her hat and back-pack against the rocks, and her delicate face...seeming to be on the lookout for something.  I started with my alarm set for 37 exercise I've mentioned in an earlier post, but I went over time as I wanted to refine her face.  And I felt pretty good about the result, not too much noodling:-). 

I then went on to spend an hour and a half trying to perfect the proportions on another little girls face....which ultimately seemed like a total waste of time! Especially working on such a small's lesson learned...if you want to paint faces - paint bigger!!!

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