Wednesday, September 18, 2013

30 in 30 - Day 17 - Laundry Interpreted

Oil on Linen on Panel

I took a bunch of pictures of laundry during our stay on a farm in Sweden this summer and I thought this particular scene would be good for trying out a flatter look.   I'm very inspired by artists that find a way to abstract the landscape.   Artists like Mark Daniel Nelson, Catherine Kehoe, Ken Kewley....  Yesterday I saw the work of Ilya Gefter... on the website Painting: Powers of Observation and I wanted to see if I could play around with the shapes and lines like he did.  I used a palette knife to do the laundry, was inspired by Camille Prezewodek's color in the background and did my favorite high-up focal point and tried to just paint areas of flat color.  
Things got a little mixed up in the foreground...How do you abstract a big area of flower shrubs - flatten them out?....I didn't quite know and it ended up looking a little like two different painters worked on it...I might take a look around to see how other artists have solved it...
I do like the feeling of light that happened though.

Happy Painting!

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