Wednesday, September 25, 2013

30 in 30 - Day 25 - "My Dock"

oil on gessoed board

This cat followed me around when I visited the amazing houseboats in Sausalito just north of San Fransisco this past May.   I had seen them from my car window on my way up to Camille Przewodek's workshop and was determined to figure out how to get off the freeway and get some pictures.   It took me a while, and parking was a little on a dare, but I did it.   
When I was little growing up in Sweden there was a children's show on TV that was all about this lady who lived on a house boat and it seemed like such an idyllic dream life to me.  Seeing all the houseboats in Sausalito was like stepping into another world, and back to the sixties communal living all at once....I tip-toed gingerly around snapping pictures for as long as I could without garnering too much attention by the locals - cat included.


  1. I have often thought life in Sweden would be a bit dreamy. This is a wonderful work of art Anette! I can clearly see he has attitude ad he is just waiting for you to make a wrong move!

  2. Thank you so much Sheila! Yes, Sweden has a few dreamy parts to it for sure...but then there are probably some dreamy aspects to childhood wherever we grow up...:)


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