Monday, September 9, 2013

30 in 30 - Day 7 - Playing on abstract

Decided to paint some abstracts this weekend and started on a few small (of course:) 6x6s to just see where it would take me.  I have no idea why the process of painting abstractly is so difficult?  It just seems like the process is so different than what I do when I paint in a representational way.  Do I start without knowing what to do and just go for it?...or do I take a concept, or something representational and figure out an abstract way of expressing it?  The second choice at least gives me a road-map...which I need!

 I did a few of my experiments just putting down colors I enjoy - turquoise and orange - in a random way.  I will post these again after I've worked on simplifying the design and the colors.   Figuring out what to take away, which is just as important as what you put in they tell me:-) and maybe that is part of the process with abstract painting. Put it down and edit, edit edit...

After these I painted three more, trying to simplify an experience down to just shapes and colors...again, another challenge...I will post those also when they are more resolved.

Happy Painting!

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